I Don’t Care

Everyday you live life to the fullest. You love to see sunsets and sunrises, and to see the new leaves and wildflowers of spring. You love life and can’t imagine anything better.

Or maybe it’s the opposite for you. Everyday is a chore just to get out of bed. Each day is the same old, same old, and your just tired. Things aren’t going as planned and the life you’ve been living just isn’t working for you. You’re certain that life just sucks!

Whatever the reason may be, you just don’t care what some hokey religion may have to offer. You believe that either life can’t get any better, or it can’t get any worse, than the here and now.

For the lover of life, take a moment and think about what’s going to happen when this life, that you love so much, ends…

If you really love life, then why would you want to risk losing it? God offers to give you eternal life- isn’t that something worth checking out?

For the hater of life, just imagine if this life isn’t all there is? What if the pain, the sorrow, the boredom, the anger, are not what life is truly about? Imagine if there is someone out there who truly loves you, who is waiting for you?

God says that one day He is going to wipe away every tear and make pain and death disappear! Isn’t that worth investigating?

Please, I am pleading with you, don’t let this moment pass you by. Everyday is a brand new opportunity God is giving you. Don’t let this just slip away.

Eternity is coming- and it may be here sooner than you think!

So let me ask you one more time. If there is a heaven, do you think you’re good enough to get there?

Yes I Am

No I’m Not


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