I love taking photos with my iPhone. As of July 2015, I’m simply using my iPhone 6 to take the photos, sometimes with an OlloClip, and a couple of apps to spruce things up. The main apps I use are Camera+, Snapseed, Big Lens, A+ Signature, Superimpose, DistressedFX, Retouch, AlienSky, LensLight, and PhotoToaster.


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  1. Thanks so much for liking my post today. I look forward to perusing your site, and getting some ideas for using my own iPhone. I certainly will look at some of the apps you have suggested. I enjoy Snapseed, but am not that familiar with some of your others. It will be a good activity on a snowed-in day! Best, Maggie

    • Taking photos with an iPhone is a real treat. Now that there are a number of really good apps to highlight the photos, it becomes a real art form!

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Ha – that’s a bit different to the amount of clobber I carry about with me!
    It’s amazing what can be achieved though with a bit of imagination and some simple gear. Good luck and all the best.

    • Hello,

      What I do and what you do are worlds apart. I’m only a hobbyist with a phone whereas you are creating breathtaking photography through discipline.

      I’m just thankful I’m able to have a small part in this art forum and the iPhone is allowing me to have a small glimpse into your world :).

      Thank you for commenting and visiting. I voted for you by the way :).

  3. I am amazed with your photography with an iphone. Thank you for the like of my ‘on top’ but your pics are really spectacular. I especially like the one of the cat…..my favorite.

    • I really appreciate the compliment! I love birds, and your photo ‘On Top’ is quite remarkable. That’s one thing the iPhone camera lacks at the moment is a good zoom. So birds are out of the question for me. I really enjoyed looking through your photos!!! Your cat is adorable!!!

  4. Hello Joseph — stranger! 🙂 I hope you are doing well.

    I’m not sure if you go in for the WordPress awards thing, but I just want to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award on my Dalek site. You can see the details here — https://dalekproject365.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/this-is-so-unexpected/. If nothing else, know that you have a blog that I greatly admire, and I hope we see you back posting in 2015.

    • Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’ve been uninspired since arriving to Springfield, and I haven’t really checked up on things with the blog. I really appreciate you voting for me, but I really don’t do the awards thing. I’m glad you were awarded as your blog is worthy of it!!!

      I do plan on getting back into blogging, maybe a bit different this time around. Doing something daily really gets to be bothersome so I might tone it down a bit.

      How has life been going for you and your wife? Still playing with your cameras? I’m sure your wife is excited for spring so she can get back to her gardening.

      Joy and I are enjoying being in Springfield, in-spite of the cold. Although, now that it’s warming up I’ll enjoy it more. For my birthday, even though it’s next month lol, Joy got me an iPhone 6 to replace my 5. So I can’t wait for the plants and trees to blossom again. Hopefully I’ll be able to start shooting again.

      Anyway, I’ll talk to you later my friend.

      • So wonderful to hear from you Joseph!!! Glad to hear that you are doing well and congrats on the new iPhone. I look forward to seeing your photos when inspiration strikes. You have too much talent to let it go.

        I’m seconding guessing my decision to do the photo-a-day thing again too. 🙂 I’ll see the year out now that I’ve started, but next year will be different.

        I’ve got lots of updating of the blog to do. Unfortunately I had to make an emergency dash back to Australia as my mother passed away, so I’ve been out of pocket for about a month. But I managed to continue to take photos while I was gone, so I have quite the backlog now.

        All the best to you and Joy and here’s to the onset of the warmer weather again!


      • I’m really sorry to read about your mother. You have my condolences. Losing someone is always a tragedy and I will be keeping you in my prayers.

        I can’t wait to see some photos from Down Under. That’ll be a real treat. I have a coworker who’s been in the states for a little more that twenty years so I’m going to have to show them to him. Make him home sick 😊!

        Talk with you later Matt!!!

      • Thanks for the kind words Joseph.

        And I don’t that your friend will recognize anything as being particularly Australian about my photos since they are mostly abstracts — but they were taken there! 🙂 (And interestingly enough, I’ve been in the States a little over 20 years myself.)

      • Well, he’ll just have to go back then and visit.

        That is interesting. I’m not sure what part he is from, but he often talks about his hunting days. Now he’s part farmer, part school bus driver. How things change 😊.

      • Well Matt, I found out where Roger is from. He said the short answer is, South Queensland. That he grew up mainly in the area, but never stayed in one place longer than needed lol.

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